Asphalt Advantage

Iowa Rides on Us — Asphalt Eastern Iowa

Most surfaces are constructed in layers, with each layer playing its part in delivering the best infrastructure possible. When combined, the supporting layers of asphalt have the versatility to suit every paving application—from trails, subdivisions and parking lots to highway and interstate paving.

The initial cost savings, speed of construction and long-lasting durability gives asphalt a distinct advantage. LL Pelling is committed to providing the finest quality asphalt while protecting the environment for future generations.

Key Advantages of Asphalt

Cost-effective — Asphalt not only has lower initial costs, it’s more cost-effective in the long run. Asphalt can be built quickly and because it’s durable, safe, easy to maintain and 100% recyclable, on every level asphalt is more cost-effective than any other material for the entire life cycle of the pavement.

Quick Construction — Asphalt pavements can be placed in more quickly than other products because it requires virtually no curing time. This significantly reduces safety risks for both construction workers and motorist as construction zones are in place for shorter periods. It also means fewer traffic delays and fewer repercussions for businesses.

Long-lasting Durability — When constructed with the appropriate asphalt (see equivalence examples at right), surfaces will actually last as long as or longer than concrete. Its flexible qualities contribute to its strength and resistance to cracking.

Our asphalt is designed and built to ensure a perpetual structure. Routine maintenance is simply a matter of periodically milling the surface (about every 20 years) for recycling, followed by placement of a smooth new overlay. Not surprisingly, these periodic overlays significantly improve the ride quality and fuel consumption of vehicles traveling these roads.

Safe and Skid-resistant —The smooth surface asphalt provides maximizes tire contact with the road, increasing skid-resistance. It’s safer in bad weather as well, heating more quickly to melt snow and ice.

Smooth and Quiet — One of the major advantages of asphalt for motorists is a smoother, quieter ride. Its smooth surface also results in greater fuel efficiency, less wear and tear on vehicles and longer pavement life.

100% Recyclable — Recycling asphalt saves U.S. taxpayers over $300 million each year — not to mention the savings to our environment. When in need of repair, asphalt can be milled and resurfaced using recycled materials. In fact, it is the most recycled material in America. Asphalt is a renewable surface made from renewable resources.