Highway Engineers and Motorists Prefer Asphalt

Quick Construction – Asphalt pavements can be placed in more quickly than other products because it requires virtually no curing time. This significantly reduces safety risks for both construction workers and motorist as construction zones are in place for shorter periods. It also means fewer traffic delays and fewer repercussions for businesses.

Long-lasting Durability – LL Pelling’s asphalt is designed and built to ensure the structure lasts virtually indefinitely. Routine maintenance is simply a matter of periodically milling (about every 20 years) the surface for recycling, followed by placement of a smooth new overlay. Not surprisingly, these periodic overlays significantly improve the ride quality and fuel consumption of vehicles traveling these roads.

Smooth and Quiet – Another major engineering advantage of our asphalt is a smoother, quieter ride. Smooth surfaces result in greater fuel efficiency, less wear and tear on vehicles and longer pavement life.