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As the area's top asphalt provider, we have our own state-of-the-art laboratory and state-certified technicians to create unique mix designs for each asphalt project. We have a wide array of resources available below to help you design your asphalt pavement and learn more about the construction process.

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Perpetual Asphalt

We recommend a perpetual asphalt pavement, an engineered pavement designed to last forever. It is durable and efficient to maintain throughout its lifetime.  When you construct with perpetual asphalt today, you are making an environmentally conscious and financially responsible investment for the future.

Benefits of perpetual aspahlt pavements



They're a solid financial investment



They've proven to withstand traffic growth successfully



They have a small carbon footprint



They create less hassle for the driving public


They're easier on the environment than other pavements



They last a long time

Steps for Designing an Asphalt Pavement

Step 1: Determine the type of loads the finished system will be required to support

Step 2: Evaluate the load baring capacity of the subgrade

Step 3: Identify the soil type (sandy, clay, stone and silty clays) to predict subgrade performance

Step 4: (optional): For weak subgrades remove and replace with higher quality fill

Step 5: Consider surface and subsurface drainage (Where is water coming from and where do we need it to go?)

Step 6: Determine your reliability factor

Step 7: Plug in your data with an easy-to-use pavement design tool know as I-Pave™

Step 8: Review the Iowa Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for the class and mixture size required

For more in-depth instructions for designing an asphalt pavement, download this PDF.

Perpetual Asphalt Layers


Real-World examples in iowa

Full-depth asphalt is part of Iowa’s foundation. Here are just a few local examples of its success.

  • Williams Blvd roundabout in Cedar Rapids; built in 2020
  • State Route 151 (northbound) milepost 30.12 to milepost 33.6 in Linn County built in 2011
  • Interstate 80, mileposts 225.9 to 239.0 in Cedar County; built in 1962
  • Interstate 80, mileposts 257.7 to 265.8 Iowa and Johnson Counties; built in 1964
  • Highway 100 extension phase 1 from Edgewood Road to Covington Road; built in 2016
  • Deerfield subdivision, North Liberty Iowa
  • Racine Avenue, Solon Iowa
  • East Green Street (N. 5th to N. 4th) West Branch, Iowa
  • Highway 151 Northbound Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • 38th Street NE (C Avenue to 1st Avenue) Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Shad Tree Court Lisbon, Iowa

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