Chip Seal

LL Pelling is proud to announce the acquisition of Municipal Street Improvements (MSI) in Wyoming, Iowa.  The acquisition means an increased service area and an additional seal coat crew and truck drivers.

What is Chip Seal?

Chip seal is an application of bitumen over a prepared surface covered by a thin layer of aggregate. The bitumen can either be an MC (medium cure asphalt) or an emulsion (asphalt made by milling with water). Both are good products, but LL Pelling uses MC 3000, because of its flexibility both in application and as a surface. There can also be a variation of the aggregate but the most commonly used aggregates in this area are: either a limestone chip, river gravel or steel slag.

Why Chip Seal?

Chip seal is a low-cost alternate surface to either Asphalt or Portland cement concretes. When the base is prepared properly, chip seals can be used as the first stage in preparing for an asphalt overlay of an existing rock surface. Chip seals can also be used as a preservation tool to an existing pavement. Chip seals prolong the life of pavements that are still structurally sound but have some surface distress.

Importance of Base Preparation:

When considering a chip seal the preparation of the base or sub grade is one of the key elements in the process. All pavements are only as good as the base that they are placed on and this is even more relevant with a chip seal. With chip seal, there is little structural strength in the application, so when building a stone base the proper thickness and moisture is vital in aiding in the compaction.

The Benefits of Chip Seal:

  • Protects from oxidation
  • Improves surface texture and traction
  • Cost-effective
  • Prevents water from seeping into cracks or into existing base
  • Gives new life to weathered surfaces
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Beautifies pavement

Who to Contact:

South of I-80: Bob Donohoe 319-330-2731
North of I-80: Darren Tippie 319-330-2730
Wyoming Area: Greg Eganhouse 319-480-0387
General Info: NL Main Office 319-626-4600