Services Offered:

    • Curb and gutter construction
    • Patch work
    • Slabs/Flat work
    • Sidewalks
concrete iowa city

Curb Work

concrete iowa city

Street Construction

concrete iowa city

Slab Work

concrete iowa city

Curb and Gutter


Did You Know?

Concrete has many different applications and thicknesses. While all projects vary, certain protocol exists on all concrete applications to ensure complete satisfaction and job integrity. Details such as straight cuts, proper spacing and height of rebar, matching expansion joints, saw or tooling control joints, edging the perimeter, proper floating and timing of the surface finishing all make the difference in a quality finished product.


In 2001, LL Pelling saw the need to expand into the P.C.C. market. This move not only expanded our services but allowed us to further service our customers by improving scheduling and quality. With the purchase of a new Power Curber, we are now able to complete the entire job by placing the curb and gutter along with the paving surface.

The Concrete Division has continued to grow, we now specialize in P.C.C. curb and gutters, sidewalks and most forms of flat work. Our mission in the Concrete Division is to provide top quality service and products at a fair price.