The Laboratory Advantage:

Asphalt has the versatility to suit every paving application, from trails, subdivisions and parking lots to highway and interstate paving. Because of this, HMA mixtures vary greatly according to asphalt cement, aggregate used, traffic load and the type of application. Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to create a hot-mix asphalt design tailored specifically for your application. Additionally, our Quality Control Program includes testing the HMA mix daily to ensure a consistent, dependable product that is durable and exceeds expectations.

Services Provided:

  • Quality Control testing and inspection
  • Test properties on all materials used to make our HMA mixtures
  • Design HMA mixtures to meet the specifications on each project
  • Testing results given to each contracting authority
  • For hire to outside contractors for performing inspections and testing


  • Field labs located at each plant
  • All Field labs have tools to perform inspection and gradation testing
  • The main lab located in North Liberty has equipment (gyratory and marshal) to test materials and design mixtures
  • Up-to-date reporting software that allows us to furnish reports to the project owner
  • IDOT (Iowa Department of Transportation) and FAA certified

Training Completed by Employees:

  • Certified in HMA Testing*
  • Certified in Plant Inspection*
  • Certified in Sampling*
  • Certified in HMA Designing* (Lab Supervisor)

*Certification completed at the State Department of Transportation