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Protects from oxidation



Extremely cost-effective



Improves traction



Extends the life of an existing pavement

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Chip seal is the most cost-effective preventive pavement maintenance strategy and offers the best value for your maintenance dollar. Chip seal done at the right time will prolong the service life of the pavement and most importantly save money over the life of the pavement. LL Pelling offers three different chip seal options:

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LL Pelling compacting finished sealcoating road

option A

Suited for pavements with minimal surface deterioration that also need base repair. Services include base repair, surface scarification, and a single chip seal coat.

option b

Most effective for preserving roads in good condition. Services include power booming the surface, a single seal coat application and minor patching if needed.

double sealcoat option

Suited for roads which exhibit moderate to severe deterioration.  Services include a two-layer chip seal combining options A and B. 

“Very professional job done on our road...sides were built up in trouble areas, lead into driveways were very smooth, straight edges, and nice smooth cover of pea gravel. All of the comments I've received by homeowners were positive." - Ken Miller, Road Association President. 

Importance of Base Preparation

With over 60 years of experience in the chip seal business, you can rest assured we understand the importance of base preparation. Our estimators physically inspect every project’s base for stabilization, grade, and drainage before creating a quote. When comparing quotes from multiple contractors, we recommend inquiring about their base preparation process as all pavements are only as good as the base they are placed on. When considering a chip seal, the preparation of the base is one of the most key elements in the process.   

chip seal coating base preparation step of watering surface for dust control


Here are a few tips to remember when your road is being chip sealed.

chips seal spreader laying aggregate on top of tack oil
  • Move objects away from the curb.  Make sure that all personal belongings and property are kept back from the edge of the road (trash cans, recycling bins, lawn ornaments).
  • Expect noise.  Our onsite crews will be operating heavy trucks and noisy equipment.  You may see an oil distributor, chip spreader, rollers, and pick-up trucks.  In accordance with OSHA standards our equipment has been equipped with back-up alarms and strobe lighting for safety so expect some level of noise.
  • Don’t drive through fresh oil. Be patient and wait until the crew or flaggers give you the go ahead to drive on the road.  Removing oil from your vehicle will be laborious and expensive for you.  It’s in your best interest to be patient and not drive on fresh oil. 

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